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Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur looking for a quality value-driven coalition that lends a voice to you while providing all the support and services your business needs to thrive?

Benefits for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Banking

Cannabis Banking with abaca

Coalition Members, meet Abaca. With a comprehensive and secure online banking platform, Abaca delivers modern financial services to cannabis businesses including FDIC insured checking accounts, payments and treasury management solutions. Whether you are a dispensary, cultivator or ancillary business, Abaca helps reduce additional costs and risks.

What you get

  • Online Banking
  • Secure, compliant, FDIC-insured commercial bank accounts
  • Get paid and pay your vendors or suppliers with electronic ACH
  • Accept debit cards using Point-of-Sale desktop or mobile terminals
Cannabis Banking

Financial Education and Services

As a Coalition member, you gain exclusive access to free financial
workshops, personalized appointments with licensed professionals,
wholesale solutions from top providers, and complimentary financial
accountability reviews—all designed to empower you on your financial

What you get

  •  Free Financial Workshops with Licensed Professionals: Gain valuable insights and knowledge through our workshops conducted by experienced financial professionals, all at no cost to you.
  • Free Financial Needs Appointment with Licensed Professional: Schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our licensed professionals to assess your financial needs and receive personalized guidance tailored to your goals.
  • Wholesale Solutions with A-Grade Providers: Access wholesale solutions
    provided by top-tier providers to address your financial requirements, ensuring quality and affordability.
  • Free Financial Accountabilities Review Appointment with Licensed Professional: Take advantage of a complimentary appointment with our licensed professionals to review your financial accountabilities and receive guidance on managing them effectively.

We’re committed to supporting you on your financial journey and providing valuable resources to help you achieve your objectives.

Many Services at No Costs and Quality Solution at Wholesale Pricing.

Cannabis Consulting with Shepherds Organics

Coalition Members, meet Shepherds Organics.  The consultants at Shepherds Organics have over 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience and they will help you achieve stability and profitability in your business.  They can help you design a new structure or redesign your grow facility to achieve the most economical, profitable environments. Shepherds Organics is TrolMaster certified and will set up an environment to minimize labor and production costs while maximizing product quality. They also source top-notch breeder cuts. They will train your staff in all aspects of the marijuana industry and are fluent in seed-to-sale programs to keep your business legal and in good standing with the regulating officials. At Shepherds Organics, their mission is quality production in the most controlled, economical, and profitable way!

What you get

  • Cannabis cultivation and consulting
  • Building development
  • S.O.P.s
  • Staff training
  • Grow automation
  • Seed-to-sale compliance
  • Trolmaster certified
Cannabis Consulting with Shepherds Organics
Cannabis  Insurance

Cannabis Insurance

We’re experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the cannabis industry who can help you build a well-rounded risk mitigation plan to keep your business safe. But we’re not just another insurance company – Through the White Eagle Coalition, we’ve partnered with a nationwide army of cannabis growers, wholesalers, retailers, and lobbyists united to challenge the status quo.

No more overly complex rating systems to hide what you’re paying. No more mountains of broker fees.

We’re working together to decriminalize and legalize cannabis, open new markets, adapt old insurance technology, build new technology from the ground up, and fully achieve the vision of a de-stigmatized cannabis industry. We’re here for the long haul. Join us.

White Eagle Coalition Concierge

The White Eagle Concierge provides discounts on dining, travel, and a host of other services to your business and your employees. Average savings are 10%-50% below retailers like Expedia®, Hotels.com®, Priceline® etc.

What you get

  • 60,000+ dining and food merchants
  • 200,000+ shopping locations
  • 50,000+ locations for activities and fun
  • 900,000+ hotel and resort properties worldwide
White Eagle Coalition Concierge
Smiling Lawyer Cannabis

Cannabis Attorneys

White Eagle Coalition members will receive access to our hand-selected network of experienced cannabis licensing and regulatory attorneys throughout the country. All of the attorneys in our network are also members of the International Cannabis Bar Association. Each firm in the White Eagle Coalition Legal Network offers Coalition members a free one-hour legal consultation.

Cannabis Marketing & Printing with Tier One Communication

Coalition Members, meet Tier One Communication. Whether it’s a single display or packaging, office branding or an entire campaign with multiple locations–Tier One Communication will help your brand make a resounding statement and leave a lasting impression. Tier One’s comprehensive approach all of your marketing efforts means they can work with your creative team, or design and oversee the detailed production of your organization’s interior and exterior branded graphics. They can even handle your extended marketing message with banners, event kiosks, fixtures, building wraps, and fleet graphics. Their charter is to carry the essence of your brand through-out multiple mediums.
What you get

  • Tradeshow Graphics
  • Banners, Posters, & Signage
  • Floor & Event Graphics
  • Vehicle and Fleet Graphics, & Decals
  • Fabric Printing
  • Flyers, Brochures, Coupons, & Business cards
  • Customized Tablecloths
Smiling Lawyer Cannabis
White Coalition Concierge Discounts

Cannabis Water Treatment with EnviH2o

Coalition Members, meet EnviH2o. With over 78 years of experience, 14 patents authored and a passion for simple and efficient design, EnviH2o has created a revolutionary approach to water treatment challenges for homes and businesses. Their team can create a water treatment plan tailored to your specific needs to optimize purity, effluent, and cost–requiring less maintenance on sprinkler systems and allowing better nutrient and pesticide delivery systems.

Soluble salts such as calcium and magnesium are essential elements for plant growth. EnviH2o has a process that allows the soluble salts to pass through and sodium and chloride are removed as effluent to provide a healthy well fed plant. They monitor and treat pollution and trace minerals in the water.

Correcting water quality issues is their specialty and they are committed to providing outstanding customer service, manufacturing and delivery.

Cannabis Security with Pacific Green Protection

Coalition Members, meet Pacific Green Protection. They provide on-site or roving security patrols for members of the Cannabis industry and video analytics for security and crowd control purposes through their wholly owned subsidiary, Sentinel Overwatch Services. Members of Pacific Green Protection are hand-picked with high performing law enforcement, civilian, and military backgrounds, and they make it their personal mission to provide the highest level of security so you can focus your attention on the success and well-being of your business.
What you get

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Personnel
  • Static & Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Asset Protection & Nuisance Mitigation
  • Private Investigations & Surveillance Services
White Coalition Concierge Discounts
Cannabis Farming

Cannabis Cultivation

Become a gentleman farmer and let somebody else do the work for you. Coalition members have access to full contract cultivation services. If you need any help with cultivating, just contract it out to our professionals. Make your life easier and your business more profitable.

What you get

  • Planting, trimming, harvesting and storage
  • Lab testing, processing and packaging
  • Labelling and transport
  • Marketing, sales and distribution

Cannabis Transport Program

The cannabis industry is constantly on the move and so is your business. It’s time you worked with a transportation service that can keep up. The Coalition’s partners provide expert services that will deliver your product to its destination in pristine condition.  We can transport your product from grow to customer and every step in between.

Cannabis Transport Program
Cannabis Staffing

Cannabis Staffing

We provide Coalition members with a variety of staffing solutions in California. Other states to follow through our staffing partnerships. We service a wide range of Cannabis operations, office administration, construction, skilled labor, warehouse, and manufacturing, with contract staffing, full-outsourcing solutions, and direct hiring.

Cannabis Accounting

It’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep after paying your taxes! White Eagle Coalition has a team of experienced accountants that can navigate Section 280E of the IRS code.

What you get

  • Section 280E IRS code expertise
  • Strategic finance, planning and analysis
  • Financial statement preparation (un-audited)
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting, payroll and general bookkeeping
Cannabis Finance

Cannabis Finance

White Eagle Coalition members receive access to experts who are knowledgeable in cannabis permitting, licensing, and compliance. Our partners can provide auditing services, compliance oversight, financial strategy, planning and analysis. They prepare financial statements and perform cash flow analysis and forecasting to maximize your working capital and operational efficiency.

Cannabis Testing Labs

Cannabis testing labs are third party services whose sole responsibility is to test products that contain cannabis. Testing laboratories make sure cannabis products and goods are safe for consumption. Analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratories are important entities in consumer protection. These labs not only determine the condition and viability of cannabinoids, water content, heavy metals, pesticides, terpenes, yeast, but also the presence of mold, mycotoxins, and solvents.

Cannabis Finance

Cannabis Waste & Disposal

As cannabis becomes legal across the United States, cannabis businesses must figure out how to handle both the product itself and its waste. Because of the chemical nature of cannabis, the waste is not like other byproducts and must be addressed accordingly with a cannabis waste management plan. Since disposing of this waste is a relatively new phenomenon, and because more states are legalizing marijuana, companies find themselves having to overcome various challenges when disposing of waste. White Eagle Coalition has its members covered with a host of professional cannabis waste disposal organizations licensed in various states and municipalities.

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