Choosing Superior Cannabis Seeds

Mar 7, 2022 | Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Seeds

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Clones have caught on in the cannabis cultivation industry, but that doesn’t mean starting plants from seeds is obsolete. In fact, many cannabis activists are keen to promote seed-growing to preserve weed’s genetic heritage. Plus, many customers claim cannabis grown from seed-to-sale tastes better than cloned plants. 

While cannabis “grows like a weed” in the wild, that doesn’t mean cultivators should just grab the cheapest and most readily-available seeds. We understand; it’s tempting to grab a batch of cannabis seeds and start growing buds. However, if you don’t take the time to consider where your seeds are coming from, you probably won’t be impressed with the final results. 

Why Is It So Important To Buy High-Quality Cannabis Seeds? 

There’s little that cultivators could do to “make the most” of bad seeds. Even under the best conditions, inferior seeds can only produce subpar results. In worst-case scenarios, weak seeds may not grow any weed. 

The stronger your starting material, the less likely you’ll run into significant challenges. Cannabis seeds that look healthy will typically have an easier time adapting to your grow room’s environment. 

Another benefit of using high-quality seeds is that you could better plan your grow operation. Of course, if you have pre-sexed seeds, you won’t have to worry about male plants ruining your cultivation. Cannabis seeds with strong genetics take the guesswork out of your scheduling and reduce the odds of any unwelcome surprises. 

When you’re getting serious about cannabis cultivation, you want your seeds’ genes to be on your side. Using a high-quality batch of seeds will increase the odds of getting the most out of your investment. 

What Should You Look For In High-Quality Weed Seeds? 

Ideally, you should inspect a batch of cannabis seeds in-person before deciding to invest in them. High-quality cannabis seeds are typically dark and may contain streaks of gray. When a seed is ripe for planting, it should feel firm with a slight give when you squeeze it in your fingers. Also, when you hold them up to the light, these seeds may have a slight sheen. 

Bad cannabis seeds are usually too young or too old for planting. If seeds aren’t ripe, they will feel squishy and look green or white. The telltale sign of older seeds is that they have a brittle texture. 

While it’s always best to see these seeds first-hand, you could research a seed company’s reputation online. Thankfully, now that cannabis is more out in the open, it’s easier to find reputable reviews of weed-related businesses. Be sure to read through various cannabis forums to see how your seed bank stacks up against the competition. 

For extra security, you should also look for any official accreditations your seed bank holds. Reputable companies may also offer a guaranteed germination rate or money-back guarantee. Please keep all of these features in mind when shopping for the best quality seeds.

How Do I Get Started Buying Superior Cannabis Seeds?

Are you still stressed about picking the best cannabis seeds for your grow space? If so, the White Eagle Coalition recommends getting in touch with our Consulting Partner, Shepherds Organics’.  With 20 years of combined experience, Shepherds Organics knows the ins and outs of picking the right seeds for your cannabis grow operation. Shepherds Organics could also help with other critical aspects of professional cannabis cultivation, including compliance, scaling, and staffing.

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The White Eagle Coalition empowers and enables cannabis businesses & entrepreneurs to enjoy industry-tailored insurance, banking, consulting, and legal services nationwide.  UNITY leads to strength, and strength in numbers enables business owners to implement change and fully achieve the vision of the cannabis industry.

About Shepherds Organics

The consultants at Shepherds Organics have over 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience, and they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with new cultivators.  They have seen cannabis companies flourish and fail, and know the steps to ensure that cultivators achieve stability and profitability.  At Shepherds Organics, the mission is quality production in the most controlled, economical, and profitable way!